Are you considering purchasing a used or second hand RV that we have manufactured? Information about these discontinued motorhome, caravan and campervan models may make your decision easier.

Please note that these models are no longer manufactured and aren’t able to be purchased as a brand new unit. Avida does not sell second hand motorhomes or caravans and we are only providing this information for people looking to enter the second hand motorhome or caravan market. Our dealers would be happy to talk to you about the used motorhomes and caravans they have in stock.

Consider seeing the current motorhome range or caravan range, all of which are available for purchase as brand new units.

As these are discontinued models, the features and specifications are dated and are indicative only and may have changed without notice and may not be entirely accurate.

Proudly Australian made since 1965. These vehicles were not manufactured by, or by anyone having any association with, Winnebago of the United States.

Spirit Campervan

The Avida Spirit campervan is small and compact, great for work during the week and able to use to escape to far a field on the weekends in style. The Avida Spirit offers plenty of options to allow you to cater the campervan to your travelling requirements, like the [...]

  • Avida Wave Electric Pop Top Caravan

Avida Wave Electric Pop Top Caravan

The Avida Wave is an electric pop top caravan with stylish moulded front. Avida has developed an exclusive electric lift mechanism that lifts and lowers the pop top at the touch of a button – no more struggling or sore backs! Unique to the Avida electric pop top is [...]

  • Avida Emerald Caravan

Avida Emerald Caravan

The Avida Emerald is a caravan with stylish moulded front which gives improved wind resistance and of course better fuel efficiency when towing.  Available in various suspension types to cater for your travelling needs. Independent suspension offers greater protection of your Avida Emerald including better ride and handling. The [...]

  • Avida Fremantle Motorhome

Avida Fremantle Motorhome

The Avida Fremantle boasts three electric slide outs that expand the living, kitchen and bedroom areas at a touch of a button.  Mix up your favourite drink from the slide out cocktail bar and separate 90 litre compressor bar fridge in the entertaining area. Relax back in the comfy [...]

Avida Torquay Motorhome

The luxury Torquay motorhome is sleek in style and looks. At first sight it’s easy to see the high quality of the Torquay from the stylish Mercedes Benz sprinter chassis all the way to the aerodynamic fully moulded rear wall. Once you step inside the Torquay you will be [...]

Avida Winnebago Premium Motorhome

Change your outlook everyday with the Winnebago Premium motorhome, a class all on its own. The external appearance is striking complimented by the huge amount of liveable space within. At the push of a button the internal space increases in size so whether enjoying a romantic dinner for two [...]

Avida Sapphire Caravan

The Avida Sapphire is a caravan without peer, a caravan offering so much in creature comforts, exceptional standard features, smooth and stable, a dream to tow. Yet there is much more to a Sapphire than meets the eye. Very apparent is the high standard of fit out in each [...]

Avida Winnebago Nullarbor

Step into a world of sophistication, of elegance, of superbly appointed luxury, the aroma of leather, and timber, of panoramic views, of craftsman constructed furniture complimented by modern state of the art features that are both stylish and practical. In a Nullarbor motorhome you have everything at your fingertips, [...]</