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Community engagement and support for Australian values are key components of our corporate culture. For many years now, Avida has been working closely with a number of different organisations on both a local and national level and has been actively supporting communities. All programs are built on three complementary pillars – community involvement, employee engagement and corporate giving – determined by local cultural, economic and social factors. Programs on a company level are supplementary programs. They include sponsorship of organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Environmentally, we seek to manufacture using responsible techniques and utilising renewable source materials wherever possible.

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Avida RV has taken the Royal Flying Doctor Service on board as its chosen charity. Money raised by the company is donated to the RFDS to assist in the worthwhile effort of attending to the ill and infirm in those remote areas of the country where otherwise, medical assistance is very limited.

We chose the RFDS because of their affiliation with the countryside, as motorhomers have and appreciate. We wander into remote areas and heaven forbid, occasionally we may need to call on them, it’s nice to know they are there to assist if required.

Since 1928 the Service has grown into one of the most respected organisations in the world. Covering an area equivalent in size to Western Europe, it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With the improved condition of roads and facilities in the outback, the Service is also becoming more involved with the ever increasing number of tourists visiting Australia’s remote locations.

Today John Flynn’s dream of a “Mantle of Safety” continues to be there for us all.

Visit The Flying Doctors Website for more information

Our Commitment to the Environment2018-09-11T16:37:21+10:00

Motorhomers, caravanners and Avida are very conscious of the environment; after all, the enjoyment of motorhoming and caravanning is to take in our vast country and the wondrous sights and amazing and varied vistas that can be found from the rivers to the desert, from the mountains to the sea.

There can be nothing better than to set up your RV next to a tranquil pond or outback clearing, a quiet caravan park perhaps offering all the facilities or one of the many legal free camps provided in out of the way places.

Motorhomers and caravanners heed the message and responsibly live in harmony with the environment, cleaning up after themselves, disposing of their waste responsibly, being aware of their surrounds and respecting the message that they should leave only footprints.

Avida has adopted an environmentally friendly approach in everything they do and have been certified by the Caravan and Camping Industry Association for building in strong environmental practises and equipment in their state of the art manufacturing facility located on the outskirts of Sydney, at Emu Plains.

The Industry Gumnut Awards are coveted as, to achieve Gumnut status, a comprehensive checklist of environmental projects and initiatives must be undertaken and completed. Avida has to date received the Silver and Bronze Gumnuts Awards for environmental excellence.

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Our Commitment to Australian Manufacturing2018-09-11T16:39:14+10:00

Avida, a great Australian story, has been manufacturing RVs since 1965 in Western Sydney NSW. Avida remains the number one manufacturer of motorhomes in Australia with over 50 years of experience building RV products like motorhomes, campervans and caravans. At a time when much of Australia’s manufacturing is fast disappearing overseas to the detriment of local jobs, Avida remains in the original hands of the founder as a true Australian family company employing and supporting hundreds of Australians and their families at the 4 hectare (10 acre) site. You can be very confident you’ve made the right decision when you purchase an Avida.

Avida – Australian owned, Australian built.

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Our Commitment to Local Employment2018-09-11T16:43:20+10:00

Do you want to work for an Australian family owned company who strives to be continually innovative and to learn state of the art manufacturing practices?

Avida may have the job for you!

The work at Avida may involve some of the following disciplines:

  • Metalwork
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinet making
  • Upholstery
  • 12v Wiring
  • Fitting floor coverings
  • + much, much more!

Our Culture – Our Values

At Avidarv we are committed to the highest standards of behaviour. As a result we operate strategically on our core values. Through the values of teamwork, leadership, performance, communication, diversity and learning we will create a company that shows passion and commitment in everything that we do.

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