Liberate yourself and open up a whole new Australia to your holiday agenda with a motorhome manufactured to take you places.

Peaceful roads and humdrum highways aren’t the only avenues accessible to caravans and motorhomes. In fact, some of the most fascinating places you’ll ever visit in Australia are located just outside of Nowhere; a few kilometres from oblivion. There’s a reason the tracks around these spots are unbeaten. Contrary to misconception, it takes more than just four wheels and a Meranti timber frame to comfortably traverse the unknown stretches of off-road Australia. To safely manage that style of travel requires a purpose-built RV engineered to thrive under strict conditions and perform dependably even when the circumstances are decidedly undependable.

Driving Off the Road

Avida motorhomes aren’t simply cut from a different cloth, they’re cut using the latest three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) technology and computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment operational in Australia today. From its aluminium frame design and smooth, superlight sandwich panel assembly to the one-piece moulded EDPM rubber roof construction and independent front suspension, an Avida motorhome like the Esperance is ideal for making the kinds of escapes that don’t restrict you to the bitumen. Avida Motorhomes are instruments of freedom.

Once you’ve made it down the end of that hidden gravel track and sneaked up to the kind of outlying spot only a four cylinder turbo diesel engine like the one inside the Avida Esperance could carry you to, you’ll have earned yourself a cool drink and comfortable camp chair. To that point, there’s plenty of interior luxury inherent to an Avida motorhome that compliments the structural integrity of these particularly capable RVs.

Inside you’ll find a luxury ensuite that includes a steaming hot shower and flushing toilet plus a gourmet kitchen configuration and incredibly comfortable beds. A model like the Esperance comes complete with heaps of convenient storage and a fully insulated and laminated floor that exemplifies Avida’s innovative approach of fusing function and luxury into practical features that bolster both the enjoyment and performance of these uncompromising, Australian-manufactured motorhome marvels.