You can beat the heat and put a hold on cold with an RV equipped to handle the elements.

Depending on where you plan on touring in Australia, temperatures and conditions can vary quite dramatically day to day and season to season. Managing to keep the climate comfortable inside your van or motorhome can be an ongoing balancing act, but if you’re travelling in an RV from Avida, a lot of the hard work when it comes to managing the environment has already been done for you.

Quality reverse-cycle air conditioners and ducted heating systems are helpful bits of hardware, but nothing rivals a properly insulated RV when it comes to regulating internal conditions. Avida uses full sandwich panel construction for their caravans and motorhomes, which means they bond layers of laminated material together to create an incredibly strong, yet functionally lightweight body panel system that includes up to 100mm of high-density polystyrene insulation for huge protection against ambient temperatures.

We’ve probably all heard the old expression that, “heat rises” a time or two before. And it’s true. So, unlike many RV’s that simply employ a standard 12mm plywood floor without any insulation, Avida has designed their caravan and motorhome floors to be up to four times thicker than that. By incorporating a dense layer of insulation into the flooring and adding a special sheathing underfloor, hot air and road heat are blocked from entering the RV in warmer areas. Similarly, these added insulative characteristics keep cold air from creeping up and into an Avida caravan or motorhome, so regardless of what’s going on outside, these innovations keep things inside comfortably regulated.

Most Avida models do offer diesel fuel or gas burning heaters that will run conveniently off of your 12V electrical system. Most also include a true reverse-cycle system that offers heating and cooling potential, but their overall effectiveness is still heavily dependent on the RV body’s calibre of insulation which dictates how much of that generated air, hot or cool, is retained, circulated and enjoyed.