Where to stay?

Even after all these years, the great debate between holiday parks and freedom camping continues…

One of the beautiful things about touring the country in a caravan or motorhome is the overwhelming number of options you have for accommodation. Without question, the two biggies for most grey nomads are holiday parks and freedom camping destinations.

Freedom Camping vs Holiday Parks

For a nominal fee, holiday parks Australia wide will give you access to power, water and laundry facilities all within a safe and secure area. Often located in attractive locations, holiday parks can be particularly exciting for families travelling with young children; which can also be a drawback. During certain times of the year, like school holidays, parks can easily become crowded and get noisy. So, for many touring couples in search of more tranquil surrounds, freedom camping is the preferred way to get away from it all – free of charge.

TOP TIP: Without access to mains power, you need to make sure that you’re travelling with enough power to keep you up and running for a couple of days at a time. Avida motorhomes and caravans are fitted with different power sources like premium batteries, solar panels, LPG cylinders and programmable generators so you’ll have a variety of reliable energy options available when freedom camping.

Freedom camping turns any charming location you encounter into a potential campsite. Unlike some holiday parks that may not be pet friendly, most free camp destinations you’ll encounter are welcoming of furry friends. Without a nightly or weekly rate to worry about, freedom camping means that if you find a spot you like, you’re able to extend your stay.

The debate between holiday parks and freedom camping ultimately boils down to deciding which one of the two best suits your own style of touring. If you’re keen to mingle with other likeminded travellers and enjoy easy access to a variety of facilities, a park may be the way to go. If retreating to an awe-inspiring remote location to reconnect with nature and your partner sounds more like your cup of tea, the freedom camping may be more in line with your frame of mind.

What every Australian can take comfort in is that we’re fortunate enough here to have plenty of both, so there’s never a call to commit to one or the other exclusively. Surely, whatever you’re in the mood for this great country of ours will provide, so at the end of the day we’re lucky to never really have to choose between one or the other and blessed to have access to so many pristine examples of both.