Choose wisely – The world is your oyster, so you’re going to want one pearler of an RV to explore it in.

Consider your towing options: while a caravan will require an appropriate tow vehicle in order to travel safely, a motorhome actually gives you the ability to tow your own personal vehicle, boat or auxiliary trailer.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Caravan

Walking onto the lot at your local RV dealership can be a lot like taking your first step down the puzzling corridors of a bewildering labyrinth.

Whilst navigating the unbalanced twists and turns of each new passage, it’s easy to be distracted by every shiny new widget that’s placed in front of you. What’s important though, is remembering that the prize waiting for you at the end of this maze may be the caravan or motorhome of your dreams. In order to reach it, you must proceed with care and careful consideration.

The first thing to consider is how you plan to use your new caravan or motorhome. This will help you determine the size of the RV you’ll be requiring. Are you the kind of tourer who’s looking to make local weekend trips, or will you be planning more extended getaways? You’ll also need to think about how many people will be travelling with you the majority of the time. The last thing you want to end up with are too few beds to comfortably accommodate everyone in your travelling circle.

Most motorhome and caravan models look dazzling on the lot when they’re all shiny, bright and new but it’s often what you can’t see straight away that should concern you most. Regardless of which style RV you ultimately decide on, you’ll want to be confident that your new RV can handle the rigors of Australia’s tough conditions and corrugated roads. It’s important to understand whether there is a factory-backed warranty, or a nationwide dealer and service network available to back your investment.

For 50 years, Avida RV has been one of the most trusted motorhome manufacturers in Australia. Having recently introduced a fleet of quality caravan models to their range, they’re now able to offer Australian nomads more reliable options than ever before when it comes to satisfying a variety of touring lifestyles.

Backed by a three-year/one million kilometre warranty, five-year structural guarantee and one of the largest accredited service networks in the country, every Avida RV is built tough but with variety enough to the range that, should your wanderings through the abstract maze of RV options lead you to their door at the centre of the caravan and motorhome labyrinth – you can purchase with confidence knowing that you’ll be taking possession of a highly capable machine.