Getting caught up in the excitement of your next caravan or motorhome adventure is easy but it’s important to remember that proper planning is an essential step in the trip preparation process. Here are some helpful tips on how to pack your RV so that you’re able to safely travel with everything you want, without being weighed down by stuff you don’t need.

The key things to take into consideration when planning are weight and convenience – it can be hard but you should try and leave behind all those “just in case” items.

Packing Your Caravan or Motorhome

RVs are engineered to be very safe on the road and offer more than adequate storage but overloading them is not only illegal but can cause instability. Taking too many unnecessary items can also make it harder to access the things you do need!

One great idea is to pack clothes that can be mixed and matched, and won’t require ironing. This way, you’ll not only save on space but you can leave the ironing board at home too!

Even though you’ll likely be making new friends on the way, don’t worry about packing lots of spare cutlery or crockery. Most RVers you’ll meet will have their own, and should be more than happy to bring it along – especially if you’re providing the food and drink.

Exceeding your caravan’s ATM or motorhome’s GVM weight is a dangerous way to travel and never recommended. But by cutting down on the amount of unnecessary gear in your boot and streamlining the essentials, you’ll have more room and load capacity to spare on the fun kind of extras that turn ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures.

A small, simple tool kit that contains the necessities is a great idea. It’ll save you packing up your entire garage, and give you room for rods, tackle and hiking gear for the adventurous types, or the BBQ, camp chairs and picnic tables for those after some good oldfashioned rest and relaxation!

By exercising a bit of common sense and remembering a few general guidelines like: always storing heavier items low down and lightweight belongings up on higher shelves, you’ll be well on your way to making the best – and safest – use of the ample storage space provided on a caravan like the Sapphire Tourer from Avida.