While the obvious convenience of travelling in a motorhome is pretty apparent, many Australians who have never climbed behind the wheel of one may still find themselves wondering just how easy or difficult they are to actually drive. The good news for curious nomads nationwide is that today’s modern motorhomes have never been easier to handle than they are today and anyone with a valid driver’s licence is qualified to operate one.

Tips on Driving A Motorhome

Avida RV has been designing and building quality motorhomes in Australia for 50 years, and while they’ve been perfecting performance and reliability, they’ve also been working tirelessly to make driving their motorhomes easier than ever before.

The size of a motorhome can be intimidating to many would-be adventurers and that’s why Avida has been so keen to familiarise Australians with contemporary motorhomes. Contrary to some popular beliefs, today’s motorhomes are more accessible to everyday drivers than ever before.

Today’s motorhomes handle more like a premium luxury car, and in terms of power, performance and standard features, they’re incredibly advanced. Almost 100% of all new motorhomes are either automatic or feature what’s known as an ‘automated manual transmission’, or AMT. These AMT models allow you to drive your motorhome just like an automatic car, but with the flick of your gear stick, they can be switched into manual mode that lets you change gears without a clutch.

The cabins on these new-style motorhomes are typically no wider than a large family car, so they’re easy to keep centred and really don’t handle all that differently to what you’re probably already used to driving. The vehicle’s length becomes the only real difference, but it takes a lot less time to get comfortable behind the wheel then you may think at first.

With motorhomes from Avida RV, you’re getting a vehicle that’s been designed tough and purpose-built for Australian roads and Australian conditions. From premium awnings to top-quality rooftop air conditioners and everything in between, you owe it to yourself to check out what’s new with motorhomes from Avida RV. You might just discover a whole new style of travelling this beautiful country of ours that you never even dreamed of before.