Avida turns 50 next year and we are starting the birthday celebrations early.

Throughout the next 18 months we are planning a whole host of events and activities to commemorate the fantastic achievement of being 50 years in business, still Australian and family owned and part of a vibrant and expanding industry that enhances the lives of those lucky enough to purchase a motorhome or caravan.

To start the celebrations we are offering, for a limited time commencing now and ending July 31, 2014 for delivery by 31 October, 2014 a massive factory rebate on all Birdsville Motorhomes, $6000 to be more exact.

Every customer who contracts to purchase a new Birdsville Motorhome from now until July 2014 from an eligible and participating Avida Dealer will be rebated $6000 off the final selling price of the motorhome*

The Avida Birdsville motorhome range offers unsurpassed comfort and refinement at a very affordable price and the choice of designs and colours is enormous.

Whether you desire large lowdown comfortable beds or cosy single beds, generous living areas and a wonderfully equipped kitchen, bathrooms offering hot and cold showers and modern toilet facilities, Birdsville has it all.

What others may call luxury, Birdsville offers as standard including the large 12 volt LED television incorporating a DVD player, the sizeable wind out external awning for laying back on those lazy sunny days and air conditioning when climatic comfort is required.

Avida, a great story has been manufacturing RV’s now for almost 50 years in Western Sydney, and at a time when much of Australia’s manufacturing is fast disappearing overseas to the detriment of local jobs, Avida remains in the original hands of the founder as a true Australian family company employing and supporting hundreds of Australians and their families.

Why not check out the Birdsville motorhome range or call your local dealer on 1300 4 AVIDA (1300 4 28432).