The self-contained comfort of a motorhome or caravan can be perfect for getting to where the fish are biting, but it will be even better if you choose your target fish species first.

That tops the list of expert tips from fishing guru Rob Paxevanos for anyone planning to take their RV on that big fishing trip to their favourite destination.

He says choosing the target species at the outset is the key to finding exactly the right spot to set up camp, and to having the right gear when you get there.

“Identify the main species found in the area you want to visit – at the Sunshine Coast, for example, it might be bream, whiting or flathead – and then you can make the most of your trip,” he said.

“Once you’ve chosen your species, do some research to find the very best fishing spots so you can set up right where you want to be.

“Because motorhomes and vans are so self-sufficient, you can either choose a local holiday park or free-camp if there’s not a suitable park at exactly the right location.

“Local people can help with advice of the very best locations, and often the best source of information might be a local park manager.”

When travelling, Rob recommends planning a few stops ahead, talking to people who know what’s just up the road, and then taking a few simple steps for easy transport of the fishing gear.

Over the years he has found the generous on-board storage in an Avida motorhome or caravan is often more than enough, but he says it’s easily supplemented if needs be.

“If you decide to use a PVC tube to store your rods, make sure you wrap them to provide some protection against rattling around in the tube,” he said.

“You can use elastic bands or, better still, wrap some of your lighter clothing around the rods – it saves a bit of storage space elsewhere and provides good protection for your gear.

“When you get where you’re going, you can have your fishing gear ready for action in next to no time.

“And, because an RV allows you to camp right by the water, you will be surrounded by people who are also there to fish, and who will happily share their local knowledge with you.”

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