Avida, Australia’s premier motorhome manufacturer has announced that it has commenced production on a range of caravans for release into the Australian caravan marketplace.

Long recognised as Australia’s number one manufacturer of quality motorhomes, it is a logical step for Avida to enter a caravan market in Australia which is much greater in size than that of motorhomes and by offering the market a caravan range of the same build quality and fit out as their motorhomes, the Avida caravan range will compare more than favourably with any competitive product in Australia today.

Avida caravans will boast a huge list of features and an outstanding built quality, expected given the Avida pedigree. Each Avida caravan will be manufactured to exacting specifications in its technologically advanced factories located in Emu Plains, a suburb west of Sydney.

Bringing advanced computer controlled technology and engineering from their Motorhomes, the floor, walls and roof, are uniquely manufactured using a sandwich panel construction offering more insulation than any other Australian built caravan on the market and in particular utilising environmentally friendly synthetic “Superlight” panels providing more strength for less weight than a traditional stick and tin type construction found in so many other caravans.

The roof of each Avida caravan is a one piece fully insulated fibreglass sandwich panel from nose to tail which doesn’t suffer the problem of tradition caravans which have multiple joins on the roof where the aluminium sheets join. Avida caravan roofs are a thick panel with no joins and like their motorhomes are strong enough to walk on.

The floor of the traditional caravan is generally a series of 12mm plywood panels laid on a chassis and painted black underneath. Compare this to an Avida caravan sandwich panel floor which measures in over four times thicker at 49mm and comprises thick polystyrene foam insulation with top and bottom one piece panels overlapped to prevent creaking and the spongy feeling so often felt in caravans. The “piece de resistance” is the standard metal sheet laminated underfloor to protect the Avida caravan from road debris year after year and the underfloor is almost totally clear of plumbing and wiring to avoid the damage often experienced by other caravans.

Following the slogan of “Strength.Style.Support” Avida also offers customers the peace of mind knowing that each Avida caravan is covered by a market leading, factory backed 2 year warranty and 5 year structural guarantee, a two year free emergency roadside assist program, a free first service* and a national accredited and trained service network who are there to assist you if needed.

* Please refer to owner’s manual for list of inclusions.