Avida has long been regarded as a trailblazer in the Australian RV industry and in another industry first, Avida has announced that Avida motorhomes can now be ordered by customers in choice of external fibreglass sandwich panel wall colour.

Traditionally, the majority of motorhomes retailed in Australia have generally been white unless painted, an expensive and time consuming proposition but now Avida customers can personalise their new RV by choosing a wall colour from a choice of three different colours, Artic White, Frosty Silver or Champagne Gold.

Customers also now have a choice of thirteen different external decal colours and inside the RV, a choice of thirteen trim decors with matching scatter cushions patterned differently on either side to create additional styles internally.

Avida has introduced an impressive list of “firsts” over the years such as the first to build slide out rooms, utilise sandwich panel construction, use domed profile roofs in some models, provide a free first service* and much more, and Avida continues to lead the way in technology, engineering design and safety, ensuring that every Avida RV has been thoroughly thought through, tested and certified to comply with the stringent Australian Government safety second stage compliance regulations making Avida RV’s the strongest and safest RV’s on Australian roads today.

Sometimes it is what is hidden that is important and apart from being stylish, luxurious and self-sufficient, Avida motorhomes have unique features over others in the RV industry such as under the floor, every Avida RV is sheathed in aluminium sheet to provide additional protection from road debris year after year, easily seen just by looking underneath. But each Avida RV has much more to offer including a full sandwich panel construction to create a motorhome body strong enough to stand on because apart from having the thickest walls, floor and roof, the walls are supported by the floor, not just screwed to the side of the floor and every panel is thickly insulated with premium polystyrene foam to create a barrier from the outside temperatures and reducing road noise to minimal levels.

Avida remains an Australian family owned company and after building RV’s in Australia for 48 years and incorporating into each new Avida RV, the experience gained over those years as to the best product for tough Australian roads, Avida is so confident that the RV’s will last the test of time that each Avida RV is backed by a market leading 2 year or 1 million kilometre warranty and a five year structural guarantee.

*Please refer to owner’s manual for list of inclusions.