There are two types of regular servicing for your motorhome, which is an important part of giving you the peace of mind, making your travelling an enjoyable experience.

The most obvious is the chassis service, where oils are checked and changed in the same manner as you would your car. The other is the servicing of the home which is fitted to the motor.

Most of us are used to having our cars serviced regularly and particularly when new and in warranty, as per the manufacturer’s scheduling handbook.

Customers will advise they have just had their motorhome serviced by the particular chassis service centre but may not be aware the home needed to be serviced as well.

As with the chassis service, where oils and fluids are checked and changed, brakes etc. are checked to keep the vehicle in the best possible condition and safe, so does the service on the motorhome.

The motorhome is subjected to various degrees of movement, twisting or shaking while travelling over our many different types of road conditions. Regular servicing helps to keep the motorhome functioning the way it was intended to.

The motorhome service includes checking the operation of the appliances and battery chargers; gas, water and electrical systems are tested, operate correctly and are safe. Re-tensioning roof mounted air conditioners and the adjustment and lubrication of doors and locks are also part of the service.

A major component of the service is the inspection and maintenance of the sealants on the roof and around the body of the motorhome. The combination of movement in the motorhome and our climate, ensure a great deal of stress is placed on external seals which may cause deterioration and lead to water leaks, so their maintenance is very important.

Not all sealants are compatible with our roofing materials so it is important that servicing is done by our factory trained dealers or our accredited service agents in regional areas throughout Australia.

The first motorhome service is a labour free service to the owner as Avida will pay the motorhome servicing agent for the labour. The only costs an owner may have are for materials, such as sealants. Please refer to your owners manual for list of inclusions.

Avida recommend servicing is done and recorded in your owner’s manual every 6 months or 10,000km, whichever occurs first. We also recommend a service is carried before leaving on extended trips, or travelling to remote and isolated areas.

Servicing your motorhome is an important way of protecting your investment and lifestyle, it will give you the peace of mind that the motorhome is operating correctly, which will allow you to relax and enjoy your travels with your Avida.