Cars and plane travel are usually at the forefront of most people’s plans when they look to get away on holidays rather than considering a motorhome.

There are plenty of realistic reasons for this as some holiday makers don’t want to waste any time and get there as quick as possible (plane), while others don’t mind stopping and seeing things along the way and thus take their car, but others are simply afraid of trying out motorhome travel because of myths that surround it.

Initial Cost

A common misconception is that Avida motorhomes are incredibly expensive. This is not the case, especially if you consider that they are a fully self-contained unit built on top of a brand new truck chassis. They are actually quite affordable. Our diverse range of vehicles cater for most budgets. Please use the price request feature to find out pricing information.

Running Costs

Another common misconception is the cost of running a motorhome. Avida motorhomes are quite self sufficient and when prepared and equipped with the correct features they are capable of free camping for extended periods without the need to pay for overnight stay in a park.

Motorhome Registration and insurance is also relatively cheap. You only need to pay registration and insurance for the motorhome, whereas if you have a 4WD and Caravan, you would have to pay registration and insurance for both of these separately.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency testing has been performed by Avida in co-operation with the NRMA to bust all of the motorhoming fuel economy myths. Most motorhomes are turbo diesels and use fuel very economically. The fuel economy run supported by the NRMA was using the 23’ Birdsville which achieved an average a 11.34litres per 100km over 1500 kilometres.

Driving & Parking Difficulty

The majority of Avida motorhomes are legal to drive with a standard car licence. Only motorhomes that have a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of more than 4.5ton require a bigger licence. When you consider that you don’t always need to tow something they are relatively easy to reverse and park. Technological advancements such as reversing cameras, parking sensors, broad view mirrors, etc have made larger vehicles that much easier to drive. Please see the specifications tab of the relevant motorhome to find out which licence is required to drive which type of motorhome.